Construction Circle-I is primarily engaged in the Construction of Residential and Non Residential Buildings related to Schools, College, Government Hospitals, Dispensaries, Technical Educations, Transport Department, Environment and Forest, Art & Culture etc.

This Circle is also undertaking the construction / maintenance of National Highway NH-5 Passing through Chandigarh City. The construction and Maintenance of V-2/V-3 roads under Chandigarh Administration falling on southern side of Dakshin Marg including road parking of Residential/Non Residential Buildings of Chandigarh Administration falling in the area.



Sr. No. Name of Executive Engineer Name of S.D.E. Area of Jurisdiction/Works Telephone No. E-mail Id.
Office Mobile
1. Sh. Inderjeet Gulati,
XEN, C.P.-1, Chd.
  Roads NH-5 Zirakpur to Mohali barrier, Sector 53 to 56 U.T., Boundary only, Vikas marg and Institutional Area Sector 31 to 34 & 43 to 52, Chandigarh. Punjab Engineering College Sector 12, Govt. College for Boys & Girls Sector 11, Govt. College for Girls Sector-42, College for Engineering and Technology Sector-26 (Mtc. Of Civil Works), GCG Sector 42(Civil Maintenance), ISBT Sector 43 and Mtc. Of Shooting ranges in Sector 25, Chandigarh, The Construction and Maintenance of V-2/V-3 roads under Chandigarh Administration. 0172-2740620 9872937600
A)   Sh. Suresh Kumar,
SDE C-6 Sub Divn.
Detail Of work under the control of SDE C-6, Given as under:-   9417012270
i   Sh.Satish Kumar J.E. Additional Charge College of Engineering & Technology, Sec.26. Punjab Engineering College-Sec.12 and Chandigarh College Of Architecture-Sec.12, Chandigarh.   7508185543
ii   Sh.Harkiran Kumar,
Govt. College-Sec.11, Post Graduate College For Girls-Sec.11,Museum & Art Gallery-Sec.10,Chandigarh, Le-Corbusier Centre Sec.19 & Hostel Block Sec.15.   7508185548
iii   Sh.Amit Gupta,
NCC Complex-Sec.31, Govt. College For Girls-Sec.42, Govt. College-Sec.46, Women Hostel CCET Diploma Wing   7508185533
iv   Sh.Rajinder Soni,
New Grain Fruit & Vegetable Market, Sec.39(West).   7508185544
B)   Sh.Rajinder Soni,
A.E. C-11 Sub Divn.Chd.
Detail of work under the control of A.E. C-11, Given as under:-   7508185538
i   Sh. Navdeep Singh,
Maintenance of NRB Building, Sector-10,Chandigarh. Maintenance Work   8054038003
ii   Sh.Harkiran Kumar,
Mtc. Work Govt., Polytechnic for Women-Sec.10, Home Science College-Sec.10, College Of Arts-Sec.10, CCI Sec.11   7508185548
C)   Sh.Balwinder Singh,
SDE C-2, Sub Division
Detail of work under the control of SDE C-2, Given as under:-   7508185410
i   Sh.Vinod Kumar,
Construction of ZIET Building Sec.33, Library-Sec.17 & Sec.34, B.ED. College Sec.20 & Yoga Centre Sec.23   7508185529
ii   Sh.Baljinder Chahal,
J.E.(now promoted as A.E. in design
D)   Sh.B.M.Babbar,
SDE, R-2 Sub Division, Chd.
Detail of work under the control of SDE R-2, Given as under:-   7508185576
i   Sh.Sadeep Soni
A.E.(noe promoted as SDE in C-12
Vikas Marg(Jn.59 to 63) & Purv Marg(Jn.38 to 53, Jn.53 to 63), UT Boundary Mohali side   9417860111
ii   Sh.Roop Lal,
National Highway(Jn.34 to UT Boundary Zirakpur) & National Highway(Jn. 34 to 59 and Jn.59 to UT Boundary-Ropar side)   7508185571
ii   Sh.Mansatinder,
Survey Work   7508185527
2. Sh.Deepak Raj Chauhan,
XEN, C.P.-4, Chd.
    0172-2740496 8054910900
A)   Sh.Naresh Kumar
Sub Division D/W, Chandigarh
i   Sh.Shashi Bhushan To look after the original construction work and maintenance work under Construction Sub Division No. 5, Chandigarh   8054812404
ii   Sh.Nirmal Singh
1) 36 Nos Police Houses Type-II,Block 26 in Sec.42 C,Chd.
2) Constg. teaching block for Biotechnology in Govt. College for Boys Sec-11, Chd.
3) Constg. Sports pavilion in Govt. College for Boys Sec.11, Chd.
iii   Sh.Mewa Singh 1) Renovation of toilets/bath in Govt. College for Boys Sec.11, Chd.
2) Constg. 2nos Lawn Tennis sports in Govt. College for Boys Sec.11, Chd.
3) Renovation of toilets in General hostel Sec.15 of Govt.College for Boys Sec.11, Chd.
4) Renovation of table tennis hall in Sec.23, Chd.
iv   Sh.Harminder Singh 1) Extension to 1st and 2nd floor of Govt. Model Sr.Sec.School in M.H.C.,Manimajra Chd.
2) Const. of Govt. School in Indira Colony Manimajra, Chd.
B)   Sh.Mohit Singal
Sub Division C-19, Chd.
i   Sh.Nirmal Singh Renovation of Labour Welfare Centre Sec.30, Chandigarh   9646832005
ii   Sh.Nirmal Singh Renovation of Second and Third floor and A.D.C office, First Floor and DC office, first floor and Sub Registrar office situated at 30 bays building of the Estate Office Sec.17, Chd.   9646832005
iii   Sh.Nirmal Singh Construction of Ramps, Stairs and Toilet block(Girls and Boys) at various floor in various Govt. School Sec.20,29,30,32 and 33, Chd.   9646832005
iv   Sh.Harminder Singh Construction of Govt. High School PGIMER Sec.12, Chd.   7508185537
v   Sh.Nirmal Singh Construction of plinth protection on GHS-30, Chd.   9646832005
vi   Sh.Shashi Bhushan Upgradation, renovation of Room Nos. 314 to 322 in the old block, Mini Conference room and hall UT Guest House, Sec.6, Chd.   8054812404
vii   Sh.Nirmal Singh,
Renovation of 31 Nos. double bedrooms and replacement of the red sand stone flooring in Panchayat Bhawan Sec.18 Chd. and all other NRB works related to Sector 18, Chd.   9646832005
viii   Sh.Nirmal Singh,
Proposed additional toilets in various Govt. Schools in Chandigarh(Sec.32-C,Sec. 46-D,Manimajra Town,Dadumajra village,Raipur Kalan, Makhanmajra, Chd.   9646832005
ix   Sh.Harminder Singh 9 Nos. Govt. Schools at Manimajra and 3 Nos. Govt. Schools at Maulijagran, Chd.   7508185537
x   Sh.Nirmal Singh,
Govt. Schools at Raipur Khurd, Raipur Kalan, Daria, Chandigarh   9646832005
xi   Sh.Nirmal Singh,
Works related to Fish Pond Section 23,25 Chandigarh   9646832005
C)   Sh.Anil Kumar,
Sub Division Sectt, Chd.
i   Sh.Munish
Maintenance of Govt. College for Girls Sec-11, Chd
Maintenance repair of museum CLTA and Art College Sec-10, Chd
ii   Sh.Nirmal Singh,
Constg. of admn. Block / auditorium college of nursing in G.M.S.H. Sector 16, Chandigarh.
2)Constn of Govt High School in Dhanas (site-I)
iii   Sh.Mewa Singh Constn of Govt High School in Dhanas (site-II)   9501815574
iv   Sh. Mewa Singh To look after the original construction work and maintenance work under Construction Sub Division No.19, Chandigarh.   9501815574
v   Sh.Mewa Singh 1)Construction of Govt. High School,Pocket no. 8 Manimajra, Chd
2) Constru, Mtc. and renovation of Sports Complex, Sec 42 Chd
D)   Sh.Surjit Singh,
Sub Division C-5, Chd.
i   Sh.Ravi Kant Maintenance of NRB Sector 35, 40-47, Chd.   9888944893
ii   Sh.Mohit Rana Maintenance of NRB Sector 36, 37, 38, 39, Chd.   9914332248
3. Sh.Devender Kumar Aggarwal,
XEN, C.P.-5,Chd
    0172-2741539 9888053398
A)   Sh.Balwinder Singh,
SDE C-4,Chd.(Additional Charge)
S.D.E. in Charge Mtc. of RB/NRB of GMCH-32 Chd & Supervision of Building work   9814567888
i   Sh.Sarban Singh,
Supervision of the work of Const. of Block E GMCH Sector 32, Chd and Designing and Planning for Effective and judicious use of space of newly constructed Paryavaran Bhawan buliding in Sector 19-B, Chd. Providing and installation of customized furniture and allied works   7508185572
ii   Sh.Deepak,
Mtc. of GMCH 32, Chd(RB)   7988089743
iii   Sh.Sandeep Chawla Mtc. of GMCH 32, Chd(RB)   9050895383
iv   Sh.Nitin Sehgal,
Mtc. of GMCH 32, Chd(RB)   9417184680
B)   Sh.Kirpal Singh,
SDE C-3, Chd.
S.D.E. in Charge Construction of Building works in Sec 19, 26, 48, 53 Chd   8427850888
i   Sh.Navneet Singh Patel,
Supervision of Building work in Govt High School Sec 48 Chd   7837345007
ii   Sh.Ashutosh Gautam,
Supervision of Building Works   8750125386
iii   Sh.Ram Lal,
Supervision of Building Works   9041019158
iv   Sh.Arshdeep Kumar,
Supervision of Building Works   9914014711
C)   Sh.Ankur Kansal, SDE
C-1 Sub Divn. Chd.
S.D.E. in Charge Supervision of Building work Sec-31,32, Chd   9815641365
i   Sh.Ram Lal,
J.E.(Dual Charge)
Supervision of Building construction.   9041019158
ii   Sh.Raj Pal Singh,
Mtc. of Vety Hospital Sector 22, Chd.   8569968118
iii   Sh.Mohinder Singh,
Supervision of Building construction Works.   8587065764


The department has framed procedure for reciving complaints at PWD (Roads) stores and its immediate attendance by the staff within the specific time frame for which the details are as under:-

Sr. No. Nature of Complaint On receipt of complaints through telephone or otherwise Report to following officers in case of non attendance of complaint for
1 Repair of grill in Central Verge 7 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
2. Restoration of road cut 7 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
3. Settlement of road portion 7 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
4. Repair of roundabout 7 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
5. Road signage's rectification 7 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
6. Any other complaint regarding road. 7 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
7. Mtc. Of Buildings PEC Sector-12, Chandigarh (Civil Work) 15 Days 20 Days 25 Days 30 Days
8. Mtc. Of Buildings GCG-42, Chandigarh (Civil Work) 15 Days 20 Days 25 Days 30 Days
9. Mtc. Of Buildings CCET Sec-26, Chandigarh (Civil work) 15 Days 20 Days 25 Days 30 Days
10. Mtc. Of shooting ranges in Sector-25 West, Chandigarh 15 Days 20 Days 25 Days 30 Days
11. Minor repair work such as plaster work, wood work, fixing of tower bolt, sliding bolt, handles glass panes 15 Days 20 Days 25 Days 30 Days
12. Major repair work such as replacement of wooden joinery, glazing, flooring ,tile terracing glass panes, etc. These works are to be carried out after approval of estimate from the competent/ client department and will take. 30 to 60 days      
13. Mtc. & Repairs, Addition & Alteration in GMCH Sec-32, Chandigarh. Residential & Non Residential Minor repair 1 to 2 days
Major repair depending the nature of complaint


S. No. Location of Complaint booth/site store. Tele. No. Area Covered Name of A.E./J.E.
1. U.T.Secretariat Building , Ground Floor , Sector 9 D 8054812404 1.Deluxe Building , Sector 9 , Chandigarh
2.Additional Deluxe Building , Sector 9 Chd.
3.Tagore Theatre , Sector 18 , Chd
Sashi Bhushan
2. Govt College for Boys, Sctor 11 Chandigarh 7508185548 1. Mtc. of Govt college for Boys , Sec-11, Chd
2. Mtc. of New/General Hostel , Sector 15 , Chd
3.Renovation of Toilets in general Hostel of Govt. College for Boys Sec15, Chd
4. Renovation of Mess/Dining Hall of Main Hostel and General Hostel Pvers at College Campis in Govt College of Boys Sector 11 Chd
Sh.Harkiran Kumar ,JE
3. Govt. College for Giels , Sec 11 , Chandigarh 75081855481. Mtc. of Govt college for Boys , Sec-11, Chd
2. Mtc. of Hostels of Govt. College for Girls Sec 11 , Chandigarh
3.Maintenance of Govt College of Arts and Govt Museum , Sctor 10, Chandigarh
Sh. Harkiran Kumar, JE