Right to Service




In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 3 of the Punjab Right to service Act, 2011 and the Punjab Right to Service (Amendment) Act, 2014 as extended to the Union Territory of Chandigarh by the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi vide Notification No G.S.R. 1015(E) dated 14.08.2017, the Administrator, Union Territory of Chandigarh is pleased to notify the Public Services (Pertaining to Engineering Department), Designated Officers, First Appellate Authorities, Second Appellate Authorities and the Stipulated Time Limits for the purposes of this Act, as detailed below:

Sr. No. Name of Department  Name of the service Stipulated Time Limit(Working Days/Hrs/Min.) Designated Officer First Appellate Authority Second Appellate Authority


01. Electricity Rectification of Fuse blown out or MCB Tripped

Urban area: Within 4 hours

Rural area: Within 8 hours

Concerned Lineman/ Complaint Centre In-charge of the Shift Concerned SDO  In-charge of the area CGRF  
02. -Do- Rectification of Service Line Broken/ Service Line snapped from the Pole

Urban area: within 6 hours

Rural area: Within 12 hours

Concerned J.E. in-charge of the Area  -Do- CGRF  
03. -Do- Fault in distribution line/system

Rectification of fault and thereafter restoration of normal power supply within 12 hours

Temporary supply to be restored within 4 hours from alternate source

-Do- -Do- -Do-  
04. -Do- HT mains failed  Rectification of fault within 12 hours Temporary restoration of power supply within 4 hours -Do- -Do- -Do-  
05. -Do- Breakdown of underground Cable

Rectification of fault within 24 hours of occurrence of break down after obtaining clearance 

Temporary restoration of supply within 4 days
-Do- -Do- -Do-  
06. -Do- Distribution Transformer Failed/Burnt 

Urban area: Within 24 hours for Replacement of failed transformer

Rural area: Within 48 hours Temporary restoration of supply through Mobile transformer or another backup source

Urban area: within 8 hours

Rural area: Within 12 hours
-Do- -Do- -Do-  
07. -Do- Problem in Grid (33KV, 66Kv or 110KV) Substation

Repair or restoration of supply: within 48 hours

Restoration of supply from alternate source: within 6 hours

Concerned SDO Concerned XEN -Do- Roaster load shading may be carried out to avoid overloading of alternate Source.
08. -Do- Failure of Power Transformer 

(a) Rectification plan to be intimated to the Commission: within 72 hours

(b) Rectification to be completed within the time frame approved by the Commission

(c) Restoration of supply from alternate source: within 6 hours
Concerned SDO Concerned XEN -Do- Roaster load shading may be carried out to avoid overloading of alternate Source.
09. -Do- Period of Scheduled outage Interruption in power supply due to scheduled outages, other than the load-shedding, shall be notified by the licensee at least 24 hours in advance and shall not exceed 12 hours in a day Concerned J.E. Concerned SDO -Do-  
10. -Do- Voltage Fluctuation complaints  Local problem on the transformer: within 3 days -Do- -Do- -Do-  
11. -Do- -Do-

where no expansion or enhancement of network is involved:

(a) For LT System: within 15 days

(b) For HT System: within 30 days

lf upgradation of distribution system is required within 180 Days
-Do- -Do- -Do-  
12. -Do- Complaints lodged for accuracy test of meter 

On receiving the complaints: with in 30 Days 

The licensee Shall check the meter and if needed, the meter shall be replaced : within 15 Days

-Do- -Do- -Do-  
13. -Do- Complaints lodged for Defective/Stuck meter 

On receiving the complaints: with in 15 Days 

The licensee Shall test the meter and if needed, the meter shall be replaced : within 15 Days thereafter

-Do- -Do- -Do-  
14. -Do- Complaints Lodged for Burnt Meter  On receipt of complaint bypassing the burnt meter the Licensee shall restore supply:within 6 hours, and New Meter shall be provided: within 15 days -Do- -Do- -Do-  
15. Electricity Change  of Consumer's Name due to change in ownership/occupancy of the property 120 Days  Concerned SDO Concerned XEN CGRF Change shall be effected in two billing cycle
16. -Do- Transfer of Consumer Name to Legal Heir  120 Days -Do- -Do- -Do- Change shall be effected in two billing cycle
17. -Do- Load Reduction  30 Days -Do- -Do- -Do-  
18. -Do- Change of Category  10 Days -Do- -Do- -Do-  
19. -Do- Shifting of Meter or Service line etc.

(a) One month for giving the estimated amount to the consumer for shifting

(b) Within one month of the consumer depositing the estimated amount as mentioned above
-Do- -Do- -Do-  
20. -Do- Complaint on Billing  07 Days Concerned ARA/RA Concerned SDO -Do-  
21. -Do- Request for Re-connection  05 Days Concerned JE Concerned SDO -Do- ln case
requests for
within a period
of six months
disconnection, the licensee
reconnect the
within 5 days
of payment of
past dues and
22. -Do- Consumer wanting up to date bill  07 Days -Do- -Do- -Do- Licensee to carry out
reading and
prepare final
bill, including
all arrears up
to the date of
billing within 7

Civil Engineering  

Road Cut  30 Days Concerned SDE  Executive Engineer Superintending Engineer  

(Horticulture) Engineering Department (Horticulture Division No 2), UT, Chandigarh

Pruning of Trees

(Under 30cm girth)

14 Days ALO/SDE
(Horticulture) of area
Executive Engineer Superintending Engineer  
25. -Do- Pruning of Trees (More than 30cm girth) 45 Days -Do- -Do- -Do-  
26. -Do- Removal of dead/ dangerous/over grown trees 30 Days -Do- -Do- -Do-  
27. -Do- Removal of fallen trees 1-2 Days -Do- -Do- -Do-  


Emergency Complaint of partially no light in the house 01 Day Concerned Junior Engineer Concerned Executive Engineer Superintending Engineer  
29. -Do- Major breakdown of electrical supply due to fault in main board and wiring 02 Day -Do- -Do- -Do-  
30. -Do- Replacement of defective material 03 Days Concerned J.E./S.D.E. -Do- -Do-  
31. -Do- Minor repair of electrical installation/ renovation of partial faulty installation 07 Days -Do- -Do- -Do-  
32. -Do- Repair/Replacement of existing system/fitting/ New Provision/ addition/ alteration. The replacement/ complete renovation shall be carried out only if permitted under CPWD Norms

a) Submitting of Estimate within 10 days
b) The work shall be
carried out within 45 days after receiving of

-Do- -Do- -Do-