Chandigarh Electricity Department has following system to address/register the “No Electricity Supply” complaints and its monitoring :-

  1.  Consumer can register their complaints round the clock at Citizen Facilitation Centre (CFC) at the contact no. 0172-4639999 for any sector/ village in Chandigarh.
  2. Consumer can also register their complaints at the following Complaint Centres of the concerned ‘OP’ sub-division  as per following jurisdiction:-
S.No. Electricity Offices Area Jurisdiction Contact No.
1 Executive Engineer Electy. "OP" Div No.1    
1(a) SDO Electy OP S/Div No.1 Sec 22,23,24,25 2706079, 2723046
1(b) SDO Electy OP S/Div. No.2 Civil Secretariat, Vidhan Sabha, Sec-1,2,3,4,9,10,11, Khuda ali sher 2742562, 2740984
Sec- 5,6,7,8 , Kaimbwala 2794180
Sec-26,Grain market, Sec 26 Police Colony,Transport area, Timber Market, Bapu Dham Colony 2793328
1( c) SDO Electy OP S/Div. No.4 Sec-17 2703206
Sec-12,14,15,16, Khuda Jasu, Khuda Lahora, Sarangpur,Dhanas 2780061
2 Executive Engineer Electy. "OP" Div No.2    
2(a) SDO Electy. OP S/Div No.5 Sec-29, Ind Area Ph I, Village Darua, Makhan Majra, Raipur khurd, Behlana 2658512
Sec-31, 47,48, Karsan Colony, Hallo Majra, Faiden, Airforce, BRD area 2652475
2(b) SDO Electy. OP S/Div No.8 Manimajra Town, Indira Colony, Manimjra rehabilitation colony, Mauli , Bhagwanpura 2734014
3 Executive Engineer Electy. "OP" Div No.3    
3(a) SDO Electy. OP S/Div No.3 Sec- 18,19,21,27,28 2780070, 2780081
3(b) SDO Electy. OP S/Div No.6 Sec- 20,30,32,46,49 2712044, 2707771
3(c) SDO Electy. OP S/Div No.7 Sec- 33,34,35,36,37 2667641, 2602524
4 Executive Engineer Electy. "OP" Div No.4    
4(a) SDO Electy. OP S/Div No.9 Sec- 41,42,43,44,45 & adjoining villages 2667859, 2603927
4(b) SDO Electy. OP S/Div No.10 Sec- 38,39,40 & Village Dadumajra, DMC Colony, Maloya 2696893