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The detail of the officers, who are in-charge of the various areas and responsible for maintaining Electrical Installations under their charge along with their contact number is as under:-


S. No.

Name of Officer

Area of Jurisdiction


ER. RANJIT SINGH Superintending Engineer, Electrical Circle, Sector-9, U.T., Chandigarh M-7508185485 Email:

Complete Electrical Installations, ATC signal, Village Phirni Street Light, Street on Roads.







Er. R. K. CHAUHAN, Executive Engineer Electrical Division No.1, Sector-9, Chandigarh M9418063000 Email Id:

Er. Tarlochan Singh, Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.1, M-7508185509 Email Id:

Sh.Tarlochan Singh, A.E., M-7508185509

ISBT Sector 43, Houses Sector-43, Chandigarh and Cycle Track 35/36.




Sh. Gurpal Singh, A.E., M-7508185524

Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector 42 & 46 Chd. Govt. College of Commerce & Business Admn. Sec 50 Chd. Sports Complex, Sec 42, Chd., RUSA and NIC building Sector 42, Chd. Table Tennis hall and all weather swimming pool sector 23, bus charging station CTU workshop sector 25, Chandigarh cycle track 9/10, 8/9, 7/8, 7/26, 26 grain market, 4/5, 34/44, 35/36, 33/44, 42/43, 44/45, 50/51, 52/53, 54/55, 55/56, UT barrier 52/61, 21/34, 22/35, 38/25, 37/24, 23/36, 20/33, 30/32, industrial area upto Hallomajra 48/49, Chandigarh.




Sh. Jaswant Singh, JE., M-9837873942

Snehalya Maloya Building, Sector citizen sector 43, Chd. all crèches and all Anganwari Sec 22, 23, 32, 33, 37, 38, 40, 41, Dadumajra, Maloya 56, 48, 45, 46, Ramdarbar, and Asha Kiron Sector 46, and cycle track 38/38 west , 39/40, 25/25, west 38/37, 40/41, 41/42, 36/37, 45/46, 19/27, 27/28, 29/30, 31/32, 32/33, 46/47 Chandigarh community canter sector 35,38, Ramdarbar, ISBT Sec 43 Govt. Residential Houses Sec 33,37, 38 39,41,42, 43,44,46 Chd., B.ED College, Sec 20, Chd.




Sh. Omkar, J.E., M-8437366168

Govt. Houses Sector-22 & 23, community canter sector 20, 21 and 30 Chandigarh, Cycle track 14/25, 15/24, 16/23, 18/21, 19/20, 17/30, 28/29, 31/47, 32/46, 33/45, 34/44, 35/43, 36/42, 37/41, 38/40, 39/39 west, 39 mandi road, saida barrier sector 47, maloya colony, sector 22/23, 21/22, 17/18 Chandigarh.



Er. A.K. Jain, Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.5, Sector-9, Chandigarh. M-7508185502 Email id:

Sh. Rohit Kumar, A.E., M-7508185523

Mtc. of all works of PGGC Sector11, Chandigarh, Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh, Sports Complex, Sarangpur, Chandigarh, PEC,CCA, Sector-12, Chandigarh, MPLADS (D.G. Set).




Sh. Gurpal Singh, A.E., M-7508185524

RB Sector-16, 24,15,35,18, Chandigarh, RLA, Food supply, Bus Stand Sector-17, Chandigarh, Cricket Stadium Sector-16, Chandigarh, Bal Nikatan Sector15, Chandigarh, Old age home Sector-15, Chandigarh, Working Women Hostel Old & New Block, Sector-24, Chandigarh, Hockey Stadium & Sai Hostel Sector-18, Chandigarh, 11KVA Sub-station Sector-17, Chandigarh, Judge House Sector-16 & 24, Chandigarh and cycle tracks shanty path all vertical roads NCC Complex Sector 31, Chandigarh , SCERT/RIE Sector 32, Chandigarh, Ind. Training Institute Sector 28, Chandigarh.




Sh. Sukhdev Singh, JE., M-9888060321

Govt. House Sector- 27,28,29, Chandigarh, CTU Work shop Depot No. 1 & 2, Chandigarh, Adm. Block 1 & 2, Chandigarh, SDM office, Ind. Area., Ph-1, Chandigarh, Crèches Sector -27, 28,29, Chandigarh, Police line Sector 26, Chandigarh, T-3 Houses Sector 35, Chandigarh,




Sh. Rajinder, J.E., M-8360125397

Govt Home Science College for women Sector-10 Chandigarh, Govt polytechnic college for women Sector -10 Chandigarh, Govt Art college Sector-16 Chandigarh, Museum and Art Gallery Sector 10 Chandigarh, Industrial Training Institute for women Sector-11 Chandigarh Judge Houses Sector-10, Chandigarh, some part of mtc. booth sector-16, Chandigarh.




Sh. Balinder, J.E., M-7508230500

Mtc. of Traffic Signals, Chd, Blinker/ Pelican light & CCTV Cameras at various Junctions of Chandigarh.



Er. A. K. Bhalla, Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.6, Sector-9, Chandigarh M-7508185500 Email Id:

Sh. Ricky Bhatnagar, A.E. M-7508185519


Mtc. of Booth Sec 4 & 7, Area Covered Sec 2,3,4,5,6,7,& 11, Punjab & Haryana Raj Bhawan, Lake Sports Complex & Sports Complex Sec 7, Chd.




Sh. Tarun Kumar, J.E., M-7508185517

Mtc. of Booth Sec 26, Area Covered – CCET Degree & Diploma Wing, Sec 26, Nari Niketan Sec 26, Chd.



Er. Satpal Singh, Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.11,        Sector-25, Chandigarh M-7508185499 Email Id:-


Sh. Rohit Kumar, A.E., M-7508185523

Mtc. of all works of CLTA & Skating Rink Sec 10, Chd. PEC & CCA, Sector-12, Chandigarh.


ER. DINESH TANDON, Executive Engineer Electrical Division No.2, Sector-9, Chandigarh M- 7508185490 Email Id:

Er. A.K. Jain, Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.2, Chandigarh. M-7508185502 Email Id:

Er. Satwinder Singh, J.E., M-7508185520

Mtc. of U.T., Secretariat building, Sector 9, Police Headquarter, Chandigarh.




Er. Sukhwinder Singh,  J.E., M- 9464486618

Mtc. of Schools Sec-7,8,26, 48,49, 50,51 to 56 and Village Ramdarbar, Industrial Area,Ph-II, Manimajra, Kishangarh, Vikas Nager, Mauli Jagron, Palsora, Hallomajra, Behlana,Raipur Khurd, Raipur Kalan, Bapu Dham, UT, Chd. Mtc. of School Sector 1 to 21 Village i.e. Khuda Lahora, Kaimbala , Khuda Jassu, Kuda Alisher, Dhanas, Sarangpur, U.T., Chd.




Er. Ravi Kumar, A.E., M-7508185521

Mtc. of GMCH S/32, Chandigarh Mtc. of mental health Institute, Sector 32, Chd. , Mtc. of Govt. rehabilitation Institute for Intellectual disabilities (GRID) Sector 31, Chd.



ER. Dinesh Tandon Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.3,U.T., Chandigarh M- 7508185490 Email Id:

Er. Sanjeev Tiwari, A.E., M-7508185508

Lifts of GMSH Sec-16, Chandigarh, Govt. Press Building




ER. Satwinder Singh, A.E., M-7508185520

New Secretariat Building (Plot No. 7) at sec 9 & SCADA Building, Chandigarh





Er. Ravi Kumar, A.E., M-7508185521

Civil Hospital Sector-48, Chandigarh.



ER. Sanjeev Tiwari Sub Divisional Engineer Electrical Sub Division No.4, U.T., Chandigarh M- 7508185508 Email Id:

ER. Jai Kumar, J.E., M-780798167

GMSH-16, Civil Hospital Manimajra, Tagore Theatre Sec-18 , UT Guest Houae Sec-6, Govt. School Raipur, Makhan Majra & all the Veterinary Dispensaries at various sector/village at Chd.




ER. Harminder Singh, A.E., M-7508185513

Main Electrical Store, Sec 25, Chd., Civil Hospital Sec 22 & Mini Sports Sector 27, Chandigarh.




ER. Harjinder Singh, J.E., M-9417838470

Govt. Schools from Sec 22 to 47, (D.C. office, Town Hall Buildg., U.T., Treasury office, SCO 33-34-35) (Debt Recovery Tribunal Building SCO No. 62-65 (Malaria Department) Employment Exchange Sec-17 & Sports Complex Sec 8, 34,38,43,50 & 56 Chd.




Er. Vijay Kumar, J.E., M-9463973025

Panchayat Bhawan Sec 18, RERA Building, Press Building Sec 18, & Paryawaran Bhawan Sec 19, Chd.



ER. Harminder Singh Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.9, U.T., Chandigarh M-7508185513 Email Id:

ER. Sukhdev, J.E., M-9888060321

Mtc. of E.I. & switchgear , Dr. Residence Area Sec 32, Chandigarh, Male & Female Dr. Hostel Sec 32, Chd., Girls Hostel 1 & 2 Sec 32, Chd. , Staff residential Area Sec-48, Chd. Guest House Sec 48, Chd. UHTC Sec 56, chd. RHTC Sec 56 chd., 50 bedded Hospital Sec 45, chd., Civil Homeopathic/Ayur Disp. Sec 27, 28,37,34,24 Chd., Civil Homeopathic/Ayur Disp. Village Kaimbala, Maulijagran, Chd., Construction of Govt. High School MaulijagranChd., Construction of 36 Nos. Type-2 Houses in Residential Complex Sec 48, Chd. DART Building Sec 32, Chd.


ER. GURPREET SINGH BAINS, Executive Engineer, Electrical Division No.3, U.T., Chandigarh. M-7508185505 Email Id:-

Er. Avtar Singh, Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.7, Chandigarh M- 7508185498 Email Id:

Sh. Rajinder Pal, A.E. , M-7508185515



Mtc. work of Electrical Installations in various important Govt. Building such as: Punjab & Haryana High Court, Capitol Complex, District Court, Sector 43, Chd., Judicial Academy ,Consumer Court , Court Sector-17,




Sh. Jaswinder Singh, M- 7508185514

Punjab & Haryana Civil Secretarit, Vidhan Sabha.



Er. Inderpal Singh Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division No.8, U.T., Chandigarh. M- 9815091519 Email Id:

Sh. Naveen Kumar, J.E, M-9877658703

Mtc. work of Electrical Installations in various important Govt. Building such as: Police Stations, Police houses in various Sectors, Beant Singh Memorial Society, Sec 42, Traffic Police Lines Sector-29, Central Store, Sec 26, Raipur Khurd, Police Line Sector-26, IRB Campus Sarangpur.




Er. Sanjiv Sharma,

Sub Divisional Engineer, Electrical Sub Division.10, Chandigarh.


Email Id:

Sh. Ravi  Kumar A.E., M-7508185516

Mtc. work of Electrical Installations in various important Govt. Building such as: Mtc. of Street Light in Chd. , Central Judicial Archive Building, Gardens in Chandigarh, Model Jail, UT., Chandigarh.




Sh. Inderpal Singh, A.E

M- 7508185507 M-9815091519

Mtc. work of Electrical Installations in various important Govt. Building such as: EDC Building in I.T. park , IRB Campus Sarangpur.