About Us

The Electrical Circle is primarily responsible for providing Electrical Installations in all the Govt. residential and non-residential buildings and its maintenance thereafter. The department is also responsible for maintaining electrical installation of Govt. residential houses and public buildings which also includes provision of elevators, Intelligent Fire Sensing System, public address system, C.C.T.V.s etc. at the VVIP residences and important buildings such as Raj Bhawan’s of Punjab and Haryana, Civil Secretariat, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Vidhan Sabha and high security public buildings of the city. Providing street lighting on various cycle track of the city as well on new roads/areas under the charge of the Chandigarh Administration with its maintenance. Thereafter, Providing ATC signals and blinkers on the city roads also falls under the preview of this Deptt. The Electrical works of all the Client Departments under Chandigarh Administration i.e. Sports, Health, Tourism, Education, social welfare, Law & Justice Deptt. etc. are also being executed by Electrical Circles as a Deposit work.